Elevate your productivity and embrace change.

What will leveraging and utilising AI allow you to do?

play to your strengths

offer new services

learn additional skills

free-up time

...giving you the opportunity to focus on higher value tasks

So if you have ever asked yourself any of these questions:

In this 30 minute masterclass you will learn

What's stopping you?

What do I know?

I’m Amy Lester, Start-Up & Virtual-Assistant Mentor.

I’ve escaped employed life and have been running my own successful business for almost 5 years. In that time I’ve worked with businesses on streamlining their administrative processes and other VAs, EAs, PAs & Office Managers to support their career progression and help them feel their most confident self.

I’ve seen the issues both business owners and those supporting them face. And I know how to overcome them. I’ve tried and tested the best ways to complete tasks in the most efficient way and freeing up time to support on a more strategic level too. 

Learn more about AI tools as a VA and EA.

What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing.

Once you’ve learnt how AI can help you and how best to use it, you’ll never look back. Those boring repetitive tasks will be gone and that work you find tricky & time-consuming will be made SO MUCH easier. You’ll finally have the chance to focus on positioning yourself as a strategic partner to your executives.

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This masterclass was delivered as part of the Practically Perfect PA “Tools and Tech” Virtual Summit.