Improve your work and be more efficient by embracing and understanding AI.

If you’re worried that your job is in danger of being taken over by AI, don’t be! Because even with this wonderful technology some things just require an actual real-life person. As a Virtual Assistant, Executive Assistant or Office Manager you will have exceptional skills that simply CANNOT be replaced by even the most sophisticated of robots! 

As an EA or VA, you can use ChatGPT to improve how you complete tasks and reduce inefficiencies. But learning how best to use this technology first is key.

You can use ChatGPT to:

Take the first step & grab your ChatGPT PDF guide.

Don't put it off for any longer. Learning to use ChatGPT won't be anywhere near as complicated or confusing as you think it will be - I promise. It's all about using the right prompts and asking the right questions and that's where I come in.

The time for learning something new is right now

With all the things on your to-do list, learning to use a new technology can feel overwhelming. 

I understand. I’ve been there. 

But once I learned to embrace ChatGPT and see AI as a tool to improve my work (and become EVEN MORE efficient) both I and my clients have reaped the benefits. 

And that’s why I created this PDF Guide. 

I don’t want other VA’s, EA’s, PA’s and Office Managers to worry that AI will take over from you.

I want you to feel confident using ChatGPT so you can benefit too. 

What do I know?

I’m Amy Lester, Start-Up & Virtual-Assistant Mentor.

I’ve escaped employed life and have been running my own successful business for almost 5 years. In that time I’ve worked with businesses to streamline their administrative processes and other VAs, EAs, PAs & Office Managers to support their career progression and help them feel their most confident self. 

I’ve seen the issues both business owners and those supporting them face. And I know how to overcome them. I’ve tried and tested the best ways to complete tasks in the most efficient way and freeing up time to support on a more strategic level too. 


Desperate to give ChatGPT a go but not sure where to start?

What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing.

Grab a coffee and take just 15 minutes to read up and test out your new skills on ChatGPT. 

It might just help you make that one task you dislike, bearable. 

It might motivate you to finally get going on that project you’ve been putting off. 

It might save you WAY more time than you even thought possible.

Go, on, have a go! 

Download Your ChatGPT PDF Guide